Thursday, January 18, 2018

~Katrice (or Blaire) is back from California where she was visiting her sister Marisa with her mom Glo. She brought us back some sunshine. She also stopped in St George to see her cousin Katy and James house. She and her sister and nephew and 2 nieces did a lot of fun things. Marisa's friend died :( and they all went to the funeral. Marisa her sister was crying because she misses her (we are so sorry!) She got 100 bowling and she got 2 spares and 1 strike. She played game with her new friend Kyle. She watched a lot a lot a lot of Grey's Anatomy.

~Darren had hamburgers and fries for dinner last night and dad Kevin made it and he brought his Captain America socks today and loves to wear them. He is going to the Bingham Miner school for his cheer school. It's Johnathan his friend's school. He is staying here this coming weekend and watching Wonder Woman and some Power Rangers too. Thor has a big big hammer.

~Jeff went to the Jazz game with Greg Heaps and his girl friend. He bought Jazz shorts with his gift card and they are blue with Nike on it. In 3 weeks he is going to see the concert in Wendover and they are going out to dinner before at the casino and they are so cute. He is going to get a cheese burger and fries and he is going to find a house in St George and he wants to buy it and it will have a hot tub and a swimming pool in the back yard. The Jazz are playing the Nicks tonight in Utah 

~T.J. is helping his dad Larry and he is getting the fireplace done. He and his dad are going to go see basket ball on Sunday and football. He is hoping the the Vikings will get to the Super Bowl and Nate and Katelin have a new house and are moving in on Monday and he starts school again on Monday also. They have a new baby and they took it to the doctor yesterday. It's getting better. He made dinner and he and his mom Sherry got a pizza and it was pepperoni and 3 cheese and um he is just glad to be here. 

~Kelsey had a great Wednesday because she slept in and she face timed with her sister. For dinner she had roast and mom Michele made it and they had fruit too. She had pineapple and raspberries and everything. She had gravy and potatoes with it too. She watched Disney Channel and it was Casey Undercover and Amazing Race. She had fun with us guys on Tuesday night at Smash Burger and in the day. On Friday night she is going to have some time with her grandma and on Saturday she is going to her basket ball practice and tonight she is going to her special Needs mutual and she talked to Stuart in Hawaii and he says hi to all of us. 

~Heather is great. She has been staying home a lot. She and her mom Linda and dad John saw the movie Hocus Pocus. Mom made chicken and cream soup for dinner. She has a new black dog. Her name is Liz and they call her Lizzy. 

~Linsey watched one show yesterday morning and it's called Cheaper By The Dozen and after she went to see her mom Sandy in the hospital and she is doing better :)  and they talked to her uncle Barney her mom's brother and her mom sister too. After that they are going home and she waited for her dad Mike to take him home and he had to buy something at KFC and he got chicken mashed potatoes and corn and the biscuit and then she watched some shows at home and they are Jesse and Casey and Bunkd and she has special needs tonight and that's it.

~Ashley had dinner last night and she had chef salad with ham, carrots, cheese and eggs and lettuce and cucumbers and radish on top and it's kind of healthier for her and she drank milk last night and she went to bed early. She got her Kindle back from the update and she got Jelly Splash and Disney Junior.

~Monica is just OK. She and dad Doug went and picked up her new glasses at Costco and they are pink and they have a pink inside glasses case and for dinner he had beef with mashed potatoes and vegetables like carrots and green beans and gravy. She watched some Scooby Doo. He was so so so funny. Her new niece Gracie is doing fine and Katelin is feeling better...that's her sister. 

~Stacy walked her dog and then went up to her dad's house with her sister Cindy and he is selling his house so they are putting a lot of his stuff in boxes and boxes and boxes and then she came home and she was tired and for dinner she had cheeto balls and went to bed early. 

~Kathy went home and puttered. She was going to see a movie but cleaned out her office instead. She likes order.  She rode on her bike and walked a little in the neighborhood it was so beautiful out. She had an english muffin that was cinnamon and raisin with 1 lb of butter on top ;) and it was delicious. 

Beau and Blaire are on their way and Stuart is in Hawaii. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

~Tessa got a new dog. He is yellow and white and Blue. She has new black boots on too. She is cozy warm in new winter clothes. She got them for Christmas She had mashed potatoes for dinner last night. 

~Darren went to cheer last night and he practiced at the Bingham Miners school. He has his new Tom Brady Patriots jersey on. he got a new Power Rangers dvd and it's called The Mega Force. He is happy to see his friends. 

~Dusty has a new hat on and it has the New York Yankees on it. He got it at the store. The Yankees are his team. He and dad watched the news and he worked in his office for awhile. His dad Bruce went to the dentist office today to work. He had yogurt fro Breakfast and it was peach. He had fish for dinner and he had slaw with it. He has a new shirt for Winter. 

~Megan had a very relaxing Tuesday. She listened to music on her touch computer. She watched TV on her TV while she waited for her mom Laura to get back from her work out. She watched Camp Tikiwaka and it's on Disney and it's about camp counselors. She had left overs for dinner and it was squash and her dad Mike covered the chicken with some bacon with sticks in it and it was for Sunday so they had the rest last night and her niece and her nephew are both sick. 

~Ashley had a really good Tuesday and she had dinner and it was chicken pot pie. She is trying to stay healthy and lose weight. She and her mom Susan signed up for Planet Fitness. She is going to exercise like she does at home. She was so tired that she read some books and then went to bed after. She got new books at the library and that is what she read. One of them is called Mad About Mickey and Walt Disney 2. She is very happy. 

~Nate and mom Karen and dad Bruce all came home from St George yesterday. They drove the Acura. They went on a lot of fun walks in St Georgy like hiking. They ate at the house down there. Every meal all kinds of meals and they watched movies on TV and he and Emily watched The Sound Of Music and it's a classic and then they did not ride on the ATV and dad took him on the old motor cycle a little bit and they came home yesterday night and then he came here to our evening activity. 

~Rene' is here for another make up. She liked her day yesterday here again. She has a library card but not for here. She and her mom Sherry went shopping at Macys and she got a sparkling water there. She is starting tomorrow on a diet and it will be no sugar. She isn't going to drink Coke any more. She will drink crystal light and she is staying away from yogurt, orange juice and stuff like that. After this she is going to theater class today and she is getting her new part today. She is swimming too and it's by Mill Creek and a book club. They are reading Seraphina. 

~Sara went to a play at Hale. It was good. She just got her nails done and they are hot pink like her new outfit. She is good...just happy to be here.

~Beau had a hamburger for dinner last night with us at Smash Burger and he had chicken and fries and cheese and a diet coke. He did talk to Brittney and she is OK and she took grandpa a book and it was a white one and for breakfast he had french toast and powdered sugar and he drank milk. He did talk to Darby and she got snow and that's it.

~Blaire had a birthday over the weekend on Sunday and she turned 26. Happy Birthday Blaire. She got some new root beer, amazon card and new bowling bag. They had rice, chicken with sauce and broccoli for the birthday dinner...oh ya there was salad and rolls too. That's it.

~Jonathan had a birthday too on Saturday and he turned 31...Happy Birthday!! He got a Power Ranger show and it's like Darrens and it's called Mega Force and he went to t city Counsel meeting with him mom Robyn and then he went and had a big mac and a dr pepper and fries. They had spare ribs and bbq sauce for his birthday dinner and baked potatoes and his brother Steven and Brian came over for dinner and they cooked them on the grill. He had a chocolate cake and that's Beau's favorite too and his sister Natalie and he went and visited with her. Last night the Patriots are playing. 

~Stacy and Kathy went with lots of cute kids last evening to Smash Burger and to have dinner and Stacy got a Mint milk shake that was called "grass hopper" and Kathy got a smash burger and fries and fried green beans and carrots sticks. Then we came back to the Clubhouse and watched Paddington Bear.

 Bri Anna is on her way and Stuart is in Hawaii     

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

~Andy is back from Oregon! He has been gone for over a month. Welcome back buddy. He went to a Hockey game for Christmas. He got new stuff for Christmas too and it was a movie and head phones for his computer. Katelin his sister is getting married in a couple of weeks. Andy loves Hunter her fiance so much...he is his buddy and after that Zachary and Tyler are happy and might get married too. He is going to work at draper for  few days. After that Lucky his grandpa is at his house today. He watched movies and ate food in his apartment too. It was hot in Portland with a lot of rain. He worked at a slide water park in Oregon. 

~Ashley had a good weekend and for dinner last night she had macaroni and cheese baby. and the movie she watched was Sing and Buster Moon is so funny, so funny. Jesse McCartney played him and it's a cool movie and Sing is really funny. She stayed home with her mom Susan for Martin Luther King Day. She stayed home and watched the house for her while her mom went to dinner with her friend Tawna. 

~Linsey's sweet mom Sandy is in the hospital. She has a bad tummy ache. They are taking good care of her. They came home and she watched some shows like Bunked Andy and Mac and Bunked and Andy and Mac again and a couple of Full House and then she took a shower and fed her puppies. She called and talked to her friend about her mom. She is going to Special Needs on Thursday and church on Sunday and then Special needs again on Thursday. 

~Meisha went to 2 movies...Paddington 2 and Molly's game. She liked the bear one. She saw the bear one with her mom Kathie and the Molly's won with her dad Mike. She is lucky because she 2 times partied...her friend got married and her brother's brother in law had a birthday party. On April 18th Star Wars will come out in DVD and she can't wait until that day. She will know for sure in March.

~Kelsey is here for a make up and she went to the Jazz game last night. The singer had a great voice. The Jazz lost but she had fun with her brother. They had dinner first so they didn't buy any treats at the game. They had chicken rice and beans. She is jus glad to be here with us guys today. :) 

~Jesse 's mom Karen works all the time. So he just hung out a lot of time. He has been hanging out at home for a long time. he did get to pass the Sacrament for Sunday at church. he likes that.

~Heather had a good weekend. She went to the movies and it was Paddington Bear 2. She got her nails done and she say they are green and it hurt too. She had dinner and mom Linda made it.

~Rene' and her mom Sherry went to the laundry Matt yesterday because her washer is in the garage right now. She has been watching You Tube how to make different things like knitting. It's her new favorite hobby. She is teaching her friend Vicki how to make a blanket. They haven't gone to church for the last 2  Saturdays. They had spaghetti last night for dinner and she is doing theater class and swimming again. The play they are doing is Hair Spray. 

~Vicki went to a movie with Annie Baker and they saw Paddington 2 and her own mommy Nancy took them and the Bakers brought her home to her house. They got some popcorn and water. There wasn't any dance because of the Martin Luther King Day. She is happy for Hawaii. Next month she is going with her mommy. She will send us pictures. 

~Monica is just fine. On Thursday she went to the eye doctor.  She is getting new pink glasses but they are not here yet. She got them at Costco. Yesterday she was just fine. Katelin her sister came over with the new baby Grace and she is doing well. She is getting better you know. She is safe. She has a new shirt on from Christmas and it's pink and mom Lynn and dad Doug gave it to her. 

~Darren saw Thor the movie and he went with his dad Kevin and his mom Kathie and Thor has a big hammer and he lifted it and it was so heavy and he would smash stuff. He is wearing his Captain America socks on and he got his face shaved. 

~Stacy took her dog for a couple of walks and her dad sold his house so she is moving him and all his stuff. She packed a lot of boxes and her journey is long and she is really tired tired and Bella her dog went with her. That's about it. 

~Kathy's son moved to Utah from Nevada so they had a pizza/rock band party at her house. Everyone was able to come. He and his wife and son opened their Christmas presents. She took her Christmas tree down the next day and put it away. She went to dinner and the Pink Martini concert with her sister in Park City. They were excellent as usual. She babysat the grand daughters last night while her daughter and her husband went to the Jazz game.

Beau, Johnathan and Katrice are on their way and Stuart is in Hawaii.  

Thursday, January 11, 2018

~Ashley got a new cell phone and she is soo excited. It is a red flip phone. It is new. Her mom Susan put our numbers in there in case of emergency. She had salsbury steak for dinner and mom made it. She didn't watch TV last night so she went to bed early because she was tired and sleepy. Her phone came with a charger and she likes to keep it charged. It came with a quick guide on how to use it and it has a serial # on it too and her mother ordered it for her from Consumer Cellular. 

~Nate had a kind of good night last night. For a dinner it was grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup and cheese bread and then he listened to music last night and no shows last night then it was late and he went to bed early.

~Darren had a great night last night. His dad Kevin got a new Tahoe and it's black and big  so big. He loves it and dad loves it too. Mom Kathie drove it this morning. He is going to the cabin and he is going to do nothing. he wants to watch the Jazz.

~Jeff has big news...he is going to the Jazz game with greg Heaps and his girlfriend is coming and she is nice. He is going to the dentist for a check up and then to lunch after...a...maybe Mc Donald's after and Saturday he is going to help dad Brad clean house and he will vacuuming. He went to Logan last night and watched Utah State with Nikki to watch the game. Dad drove them there and back late last night. And Todd his brother and Brittney went toBuffalo Wings with them for dinner too. They saw the movie Jumanji too.

~Stuart is leaving in the morning for Hawaii. He is going to pack today s they can leave early for the plane. The first thing he is going to do when he gets there is hug his mom Kathy and dad Jamie and his mom bought a paddle board there and she is having it shipped here after so she can use it here after the trip. 

~T.J. is great. Brady his nephew was here this day and he and mom Sherry and dad Larry had dinner and it was a chicken sandwich and he is going to talk to Dane. They are going to a movie and it will be great. he will see him tonight at Special Needs and then too he wants to grow a beard soon and grow his hair out too. He would like a tattoo on his shoulder. His friend is getting married in 2 years. His name is Pete. T.J. is going to be a grooms man. He is wearing a tie.

~Kelsey's mom Michele took her to a movie and she went and saw Coco and it was good and is one of her favorite shows. She actually had popcorn from there and sodas from home. She took a Root Beer. She is going to special needs tonight actually and she watched Amazing race with her parents last night and for dinner her mom made fish and feta cheese and apples with it. She watched Fuller House too and is just glad to be here.

~Heather is good. She stayed at home with mom Linda yesterday. Her Christmas decorations are still up. She has Chewbacca, Obiwoncanobi and R2D2 and Darth are all in Christmas stuff in there front yard. They are still there. She watched Heroes last night.She is good.

~Beau got some new warm clothes. Murphy his dog got a hair cut tomorrow and he was shaking with the girl and she cut it like a pony tail and he just was shaking and he is like 15 years old. He isn't sure. he had dinner last night and it was like crackers and sandwich and balogne sandwich and tuna tomatoes and he did talk to Brittney and her new horse is doing good. 

~Linsey had a so awesome night last night...they just stayed home last night and they were just so happy to stay home with her puppies and they are so cute. She watched some shows last night and it was Little House on the Prairie and Full House and Jesse and Bunked. 

~Stacy walked her dog and there is a new guy that brings his dog...the one who pushed her over the other day and he asked if she comes everyday and she said yes for the last 5 or 6 years. She doesn't want to be there when he is there. For dinner she had a baked potato with butter and lots of sour cream and then she came home and can't remember what she watched on TV it was a slow evening. 

~Kathy ran errands and had dinner. Dinner was soup and turkey sandwich. She got her Christmas almost all put away. She has left it out for a long long time because her son and his wife and baby are moving toSouth Jordan today and she wanted to have Christmas with them. 

Blaire is on her way, Monica is at the doctor and Katrice is out of town.  

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

~Bri Anna's sister likes the play The Music Man. She has a ton of bracelets on today...there is a red and white one, a multi colored one with stars on it and a red, black and white one, a green and white one and an orange and white one too...her other wrist has a heart one and a red and blue, a tourquiose yellow and a pink blue and grey one too. So many! Cute

~Beau got a hair cut yesterday and it's a short hair now. He did talk to Darby and Rob her husband cut his finger. He cut it with a saw and he has a big cast on too :( So sorry to hear)  Last night his mom Jan helped grandpa make the pancakes for dinner and it's called raspberry and last night he saw the rain come here and his dog Murphy is scared of rain so much. Oh ya, mom gave him a Dr Pepper and Cherry Sprite and she got 2 cherry sprite and that's it.

~Sara is so good. She is going to The Hale theater tonight and she is going with her mom Traci and her grandma and she is seeing Something Rotten. She has season tickets there and at Eccles. She and her dad Jeff and mom are going to St George at the end of the month. They haven't been down there since before Christmas. She saw a new movie called The Greatest Showman and it was a good movie. Zac Efron is in it.

~Stuart is leaving on Friday for Hawaii and he is so so excited. He stayed home last night and had dinner and it was meat loaf taco and it was meat loaf and a whole wheat tortilla and he got to have 2 of them. He had broccoli too. It was pretty good. Tonight he is going to his sister Molly's house for fish. Mindy is coming to his house tomorrow night and they will get on a late plane. He is going to miss all of his friends here :) 

~Johnathan had dinner and it was Chinese noodles and chicken and he made it at home. He watched a movie downstairs that starts with a "P" and it was about aliens. It's called Temple Run. It's a story about aliens. He was reading in the paper that the Jazz are going to play the Washington Wizards and last night the Utes play in las Vegas and will play Virginia.

~Darren came here today in dad Kevin's new Tahoe and it's black and big...real big big. They traded in the GMC. Dad said Merry Christmas to him. He had shrimp for dinner and it was on the BBQ. He is staying here this coming weekend. He watched Wonder Woman again. Oh pickle foot. 

~Dusty has 2 shirts on today because it's so cold out. He watched a movie last night and it was with mom Rose and his brother Logan and he got a sprite and popcorn. He had bread and eggs and sausage and it was breakfast for dinner. It was delicious. He is going to visit his dad in Florida at the end of January. He got new socks and a new country music hat. 
~Nate saw the same movie that Sara saw...The Greatest Showman with mom Karen and Camille and his nephew Seth. Yesterday Seth got sick and threw up. The was Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron in it...2 good actors. Then they went out to lunch and it was Free Birds and he had a shredded pork soft taco and refried beans n it and there was some dip on top of it and he ate it up and he had lemonade with it. Then his mom took him to get his blood drawn and he had chicken nuggets and fries and listened to music and went to bed.

~Ashley had a good Tuesday night because she got spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and her mom Susan made it for her. She was so tired last n=night that she went to bed early. She is getting a new cell phone in 3 to 5 days and it's a flip and it will be just like Linda's and she is so excited and her mom ordered it and it says super cellular on it and she is so so excited and her mother ordered it for her. 

~Stacy took her dog for a walk yesterday and it was raining a little and out of the blue a dog came running at her and Bella and it scared them both so much. Bella wasn't on her leash but she came right to her and the dog pushed her down on the ground and wanted her ball. She got up, put her dog in her pocket and put Bella on her leash and walked scared her to death. They walked on the other side of the school. Then she went home, fed her and went to her dads and had soup and salad. 3 kinds of soup. 

~Kathy went home and cleaned and wrapped Max's and Emily's and Ike's Christmas because they will be here tomorrow evening forever. They are moving here and they are going to celebrate Christmas then. 

Megan and Blaire are on their way.   

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

~Johnathan read that Arizona state beat the Utes in basket ball. Alabama won. They call it the elephants and the other was bull dogs. He went to his neighbor's house to watch. They had meat balls and chicken. His name is Mark and last night he was reading the paper Cleveland Cavaliers lost an NFL basket ball game and last night then he saw on TV yesterday Power Rangers made of Steel and last night he went to a place that he saw in theaters yesterday Star Wars.

~Darren has a new shirt on that he got for Christmas and it's Utah with a rainbow and a Captain America socks on too. Kevin his dad is buying a big one car a really big one...a Tahoe and it's a big one. He had hamburgers with shrimp on top for dinner last night and it was a burger. He loves Wonder Woman and it's his favorite and a good one.

~Katrice did last night watch Full House, Gilmore Girls, Roseanne, Friends, Madea, and another Madea Big Happy Family and Forever After, and Christmas with the Kranks and Cousins. He called Marisa last night and she is going to get her green and grey Grey's Anatomy for her birthday in November. They are going bowling and Chili's for their birthdays in November and she is going to ask mom Gloria and John her brother and Tif her other sister. Her mom is back from Dallas from a funeral and her mom had fun with her cousins. She went to Cafe Rio last night for dinner and she got 1 enchiladas rice and beans. 

~Ashley stayed home for the weekend and she went to Piage and Linda's house on Monday and she watched a show on TV and it was Mickey Mouse's Space Adventure and it's funny...really funny and cool. It was so funny; She loves that show too. For breakfast she had waffles and for lunch she had toquitoes and for dinner she had a chef's salad and she wants to be happy. She watched Lightening MC Queen last night.

~Meisha is excited about her movie coming out soon. Paddington Bear 2 and her boyfriend Hugh Bonneville is in it and he is her new boyfriend. More just a friend boyfriend. Molly's game is out and she went to see it and she likes the actress and her TV show is coming soon and she loves it. It will be Sunday March 4th. She has good news...her other honey Mark Hamill is in the Oscars. 

~Linsey last night she and her parents stayed home because her mother Sandy babysat her nephew. She cleaned her bathroom and made $100 dollars in 1 bill. Then she and her parents watched a good movie called A Miracle in Heaven. She loves that one and then her pa Mike bought her and her mother some Rice Bowl turkey and 2 shakes at Arctic Circle. Her's was a strawberry. Thens eh watched some shows in her room and they were Jesse, Full House, Little House on the Prairie. 

~Jesse is pretty good he thinks. He thinks he has just been hanging out a lot and last night he got a pizza and it was a sausage and it was Little Caesars and he thinks he went to church last night and he passed out the Sacrament and he thinks something wrong happened in church and it happens every year and he thinks it's at 8 oclock or 9 oclock so early. He thinks he has a song stuck in his head and it's sad and it's called the Power Of Love and it's hard and someone died and he can't lose it forever and he is good. 

~Heather is Miss 31 now because she had  birthday on Sunday. She had chocolate cake and she got some money and it was $5! She also got a credit card. She had a special birthday dinner and it was cheese burgers and it was at In & Out Burgers and it made her happy and she is good. Happy Birthday darling!

~Stuart got a new toy last night in the mail and it's a gray and black and red Power Ranger and it's from Mega Force. He hasn't quite started packing for his Hawaii trip on Friday and they are going to meet his mom Kathy and dad Jamie soon. He and brother are going to his sister In law Kritina's mom and dad's house for dinner and Tanner got a new Nintendo Wii and he is brining it to Krisitna's mom's house to play. He is good. 

~Kelsey is here for a make up. She had a great Monday night and she went to Subway for lunch and she had a tuna fish sandwich and for dinner she had chicken tacos and she tried something new...chicken with guacamole without the tortilla and it's like a chicken salad.  She watched Pirates of the Carribean on TV last night and today is her brother in law's birthday and they celebrated it last week. She watched Amazing Race last night and it stared again.  She is just glad to be here with us guys :)

~Vicki is losing weight for her trip to Hawaii soon. She went to her dance class last night and she danced a lot and they are having her dance recital in May and they practiced a lot last night. For her dinner she had some turkey.She drank it and put it in her blender and it was so good and she is losing so much weight.

~Monica is just OK. She stayed home last night. Her new niece baby Grace is doing great. Last night Gracie cried and she was tired. For dinner she had chicken nachos from Cafe Rio. She got them at Cafe Rio and her mom Lynn went and got them. She stayed home from Swimming but she took a shower and watched a movie and watched Scooby Doo too. 

~Stacy went home after work and took her dog for a walk and it was windy but it wasn't raining. Then she went up to her dad's and had to connect his computer to his new copy machine and his iPad and then she went home and watched some of that football game and then Alabama won and thens eh fell asleep and then  woke up and went to bed and Alabama won.

~Kathy cleaned up her house a little more. She is trying to get rid of a lot of a lot of stuff. It feels so good to her. She had boiled carrots and brussel sprouts for dinner and then she ate 6 chocolate peanut clusters for a side dish. Yum.

Beau is on his way.     

Thursday, January 4, 2018

~Darren has new socks on today. They are Captain America socks. They have little stars all over them. He got a new Power Ranger series dvds for Christmas and he brought them tp show us today. He had hamburgers for dinner last night with shrimp and bacon and ham too. He has a new jersey that he got for Christmas and it is a Rodgers shirt from the Green Bay Packers. He is glad to see his friends today. 

~Staurt brought a flash light today in case the power goes out at the bowling alley today. it went out there yesterday and was very dark. He is prepared. He went to the movie with us last night and he giggled through Ferdinand the whole 2 hours. His mom Kathy and dad Jamie are leaving for Hawaii tomorrow and then he is meeting them with his whole family with nieces and nephews too on Saturday. He has a family coming to stay in his house for the vacation. They are their friends.He makes his dad laugh.

~T.J. had an alright Christmas. He got a new watch yesterday and a new iPad and he had a sandwich and he got some new shirts and a coke. He has a new baby from Nate and Katelin and it's a boy and his name is Boyer James. Jason and Lacey are going to have a happy birthday for his uncle. One day he is going to retire. He went to see the movie Star Wars and he liked it. He hung out with mom Sherry and dad Larry and he had a dinner and it was a hot dog.

~Kelsey had a pretty great Christmas and she got a new bowling bag. It's hot pink. Her parents Michele and Kevin gave her a new iPad and a new camera and some new shirts for Christmas too. She went to a couple of movies...her sister took her to the Star wars and her grandma took her to another movie called The Greatest Showman and it's actually a good one. She has just been hanging out with her family and she is happy to be here. She has a good news...she went to Costco and saw Linsey from South valley and she just had chicken noodle soup. 

~Linsey on Wednesday it was her brother Gavin's birthday and he is 36 last night and then they went out and got cake and her pa Mike made ham and beans soup and then they went and saw Gavin and he got home late and he was way tired...Like 10. She felt sorry for him. They stayed home and babysat for his brother Gavin his baby and she watched some shows last night and one was Jesse, Bunkd, Full House, Andy Mac. She is going to her special needs tonight and on Sunday she is going to be in a fast sSunday and she will be a teacher in primary again. And next year she is going on a big boat and it's a cruise with her whole family...7 brothers and sister.

~Ashley went to Ferdinand with us last night and John Cena was so funny last night and she really liked that movie. Her mom Susan and Marty were waiting there for her. She gets a day off tomorrow because she was so tired last night and she will get her laundry done tomorrow and she does her won. She still has a little pressure on her ankle today from her fall at the library. She is good. 

~Jeff had a good Christmas and he got Jazz tickets from greg and he got a new San Antonio jersey and it's #2 and tonight he is going to the Utah Utes tonight with his friend Josh. It's basket ball and they are playing Arizona and Nicki went to the hospital and her tonsils are swollen up and she will get better today and tomorrow he is going to go see the grand kids and on the 10th. He went to the Cafe Rio and had steak burrito. He is good.

~Nate came with us to the movie Ferdinand and he laughed a ton. He liked it and his favorite part was everything. He laughed so hard. He liked the hot dogs we had last night for dinner and then mom Karen picked him up at the theater. He listened to music and then took his powder medicine and then went to bed early. 

~Beau went to the movie with us too and laughed and laughed sooo much. He liked the John Cena movie. It had the goat and it had a mouse and a bunny and he liked the hot dog dinner and the pop corn and a pear. Oh ya last night his dad Doug worked outside in the garage on the bird house and that's it.

~Monica is just fine. Her dad Doug last night got her finger poked and everything is better. She is healthy :) Gracie her new niece is just great. She is still little but will get bigger pretty soon. She watched Herbie the Love Bug and it was so funny and she had hamburger for dinner and she had a little cheese on it. She had like vegetables and they were like carrots and broccoli and stuff like that. 

~Stacy and Kathy went to the movie last night with 16 friends and they saw Ferdinand and it was cute and fun and they had popcorn with lots of butter and coke for dinner and then they each went to their homes at dark 30. They had fun.

Blaire is on her way. Katrice and Heather are feeling under the weather...get well soon darlings!  

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

~Stuart hung around his house last night and he had meat loaf for dinner and cheese cake. His sister Molly made the meat loaf and some broccoli. They are all getting ready to go to Hawaii and they are leaving soon. He will get his favorite strawberry daquairi and his favorite hot dog called a puda dog with honey mustard. 

~Sara got a My Little Pony outfit she is wearing today. She loves it. She got a new iPhone 10. It was a surprise. She got a new brown bear coat. Everyone came over on Christmas day. They are going to St George soon...end of the month.

~Bri Anna got clothes, Legos, movies, boots, socks and a thermos for the commute to the cabin. She had a great Christmas. She has some jewelry on and Megan sees that it is bracelets and necklaces. 

~Ashley read her books that she got from the library yesterday and it was Zootopia. She had left over corned beef, beans and salad and some bread and the salad had bacon and cheese in it. Her nose is a little stuffy from her allergies and she was so tired last night she was sleepy and she went to bed early. Her ankle still hurts a little bit. 

~Megan had a wonderful Christmas. Her sister in law and brother and little girls that live with them went out of town for Christmas and they just got back last night. She got a new green watch and she finished her quilt with butterflies all over it and she made it with her friend Colleen. She goes to her house to sew. Megan picks out the material and Colleen sews it all together. Chris, the fiance' to her sister Nicki got her a ring and her proposed to her in his wheel chair. She got a ton of brand new movies...Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, Lion King 1 and another one of those too so she is going to give it to someone else.

~Nate's mom Karen told him that the Prophet President Monson died. We are so sorry to hear. He is sad. He got a new phone cover for his phone for Christmas and he got clothes and candies, movies like the Hallmark show called The Christmas Sheppard and the new hat and gloves from here and they did some other fun stuff and they went to St George and it was a little warm and everybody came and it was dad Bruce, mom Karen, Camille, Eric and the kids and their dog and Cody and Todd and they did their fun new years party. 

~Dusty got 2 new shirts and some new socks and a new belt and some CD's and they are country. He is going to go skiing soon...not yet but soon. He is going to cross country ski too. He is going to stay here a little longer then head to Florida for a visit to dad's again soon. He took his tree and lights down too with his dad Bruce here. 

~Darren got a new Utah Ute's shirt and he is wearing it today. he also has new blue shoes. He also got some Captain America socks and Power Rangers a whole one and they all went to the cabin too...well just he and dad Kevin. There isn't any snow up there but the lake is frozen ice. They are fishing out on the frozen lake. He brought his favorite movie Wonder Woman today.  

~Tessa got a baby doll for Christmas and some clothes and some pop and some candy and some socks and she had chips and potatoes for dinner. They all went to see the Christmas lights and a ride with mom Judy.

~Annie had a good Christmas. She got a new coat and it's pink. She also got a Princess Jasmine doll, a DVD, Beauty and the Beast Live Action. She and mom Nancy and dad Lew are going to Hawaii in January. They are going to Maui. It will be hot. 

~Johnathan got some new shoes for Christmas and a Jazz hoodie and a Texas Longhorns blanket. he loves bulls. He had dinner and it was chicken and it was orange chicken with baked potatoes. He watched Power Rangers Wild Force. He and his sister Natalie went to the movie Jumanji. He liked it. It was kind of scary. It has a hippo and a rhino in it. and last night the Jazz played the Sea Hawks in basketball. They played at the Jazz home arena. 

~Beau stayed home last night. Last night he did go see grandpa last night and he drank some milk shakes and he told him he watched the football team and he played like SU and he played some Chiefs too. Last night he had dinner because he can't eat in the morning. he can't take Murphy because it will take 5 hours and he saw Stacy's mom and dad at the store. He got toothbrush for Christmas and perfume and make up.

~Stacy walked her dog and actually she got on the internet to see if Juan Diego came back and they hadn't so there was nobody over there. So that's what she did and she watched a little bit of Fixer Upper and a little bit of the basket ball game and there was absolutely zero on TV and she doesn't like this time of year for TV and for dinner she had tomato soup. 

~Kathy went and exchanged some boots her cute daughter gave her for Christmas for a larger size. She cleaned up a little more Christmas. She is trying to keep her tree and some stuff up for her son and his family so they can have a little Christmas in a week and a a half when they move here. She hasn't given them their presents yet. She love love loves winter and the cold and the beautiful moon and clear clean skies right now.

~Blaire is on her way.    

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

~Heather has a birthday this week!! She will be 31. Happy birthday Heather! Heather got a new green M & M shirt for Christmas. She is "finished".

~Jesse got a movie for a Christmas present and it was Full House. He got a new case and a new bag for library too. He went to a movie and it was Jumanji. He saw it with his dad Eldon. He just hung out a lot and slept in over his break. He has one more thing...he thinks he got to sleep at his sister Lindsey's house 

~Linsey got to see her family over Christmas break and her sister Kimberly and her brother came from Boston too. She is so excited to go on a cruise next year with her whole family She is so sad her brother is going home today. On Monday she stayed home and her brother took her to lunch to Cafe Rio with him and then after that they went home and they went to Boondocks and it was so fun and they played video games and she got a new coat and some new dolls and her brother Riley bought her a Cinderella doll and a Tangled doll. 

~Meisha got a hair cut. She got Star Wars toys for Christmas and a new red warm coat and new shoes and new pants and she got a new movie called Chicago Fire 1. She is happy and she has good news...she can't wait until April because Star Wars is coming out about April 5. She isn't sure of the date date but she thinks maybe the 5. 

~Monica got some new dolls for Christmas and some Mickey Racers. They are cars that race and she got some Doc McStuffins stuff and a CD called House of Mouse and Coco's New Guitar and a new doll house too. Mom Lynn got some lotion. Her mom's birthday was i December. Happy Birthday Lynn!! She watched Scooby Doo last night adn he sang "row row row your boat"

~Ashley got 2 new games and one was Super Mario Maker and Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga and Bowser and Minions. She got a kittens calendar at home and it's kittens and she got movies...Car's 3 and she got a Christmas sweater that she is wearing today and it's Mickey with antlers. She and mom Susan are going to take down Christmas today.

~Katrice got new sandals from her sister Tif. She got some DVD's one was nBeaches, First Wives Club and Grey's Anatomy and it's the red and blue one. She got a new cup and she got a new coat from Santa clause and it's blue. She got a new calendar from Tif and a new tooth paste and she had a big birthday party for her mom Glo Happy Birthday Gloria!! Tif Marisa and aMia and Miley and Levi were all there and they went to Cafe Rio and she got 2 enchiladas and rice and beans. Her cousin came. 

Stuart had an awesome Christmas and he got 2 movies and one was Power Rangers 1 & 4 and Despicable Me 3. He went to the movie Jumanji and his sister Mindy took him and it was funny. He got 50 dollars from his mom Kathy and he already spent it on a white Power Ranger toy and he got an Iron Man and  a Super Man. He also got a red Power Ranger. 

~Beau got a tooth brush and it's called a wrestling tooth brush. He got a dvd and it was a wrestling dvds. He also got socks and a shirt and m&m's and peanut butter cup cookies and he was sick and had the flu and his mouth was dry and his nose was wet. 

~Vicki got a new TV and a purse and she got to stay at her mom Nancy's house and she got a new bag with Hawaii on it with a beach towel with her name on it and she got money too. Her grandma sent her money too and her mom's mom Janet and her aunt and her mom all gave her money. They are going to Hawaii and she is saving her money for her trip. She got a new Car's 3 movie. She now works Friday and Saturday and Sunday at work. She added a day. 

~Stacy got a super duper bad cold on Christmas morning and she was sick her whole break. It was a horrible cold. She walked her dog a couple of times but not everyday. For Christmas she got her mom a new 4' white one and she bought some garland with lights and mittens from it and it was regularly $130 and she got it for $30. She got caught up on some of her shows. She watched Designated Survivor and American Assassin. Wow!! SO good. She took her Christmas stuff down.

~Kathy got sick too. She had her grand daughters over for a sleep over and she took them and their mom for lunch. She had her kids over for Christmas dinner. 

Johnathan, Darren are on their way!      

Thursday, December 21, 2017

~Monica is here so early this morning. her dad Doug gets to babysit Gracie her new niece today. She went shopping at the mall last night with Lynn her mom and well she saw Santa and sat on his lap and told him she wanted toys for Christmas. She brought a picture to show us. Oh ya, that's right they had pizza at Katelin's house and it had hamburger, cheese and olives on it. 

~Heather is great. She is so excited for Christmas she can hardly stand it. She had chicken tacos for dinner last night and her mom Linda made them. They put cheese, salsa, lettuce and sour cream on top. She also watched some TV and it was Christmassy. 

~Kelsey went to a movie with her mom Michele and it was Jumanji. She had a BLT for dinner at her house and her mom made it and clam chowder. She is very excited for Christmas too. She did watch the finals for The Voice. She liked the guy and the girl. She deosn't have Special Needs because of the Christmas break. She is just glad to be here. 

~T.J. is back from his Vegas vacation. he went to the Michael Jackson show and liked it. For dinner he had a chicken sandwich and soup. He went to Top Golf and hit balls. And then too he called his brother Nate in Logan and he is doing great and he is happy to be here.

~Stuart went to his White Elephant Party last night at the Gateway. It was awesome. He got a new phone and it's white and it's at home. It was from his cousin. He got to have cake for dessert and chicken cordon blue. He has lost 20 lbs. 

~Jeff went to a Christmas party at Greg Heaps house with his girlfriend and they are going to go to a Jazz game with him. After Christmas he is going to a Jazz game with his friend Josh. He is getting for Christmas a Spurs jersey he hopes. And that's it.

~Darren stayed home after they went to the dump and it was cold out there. He had a couple of washing machines...see ya later!! Get out of here! He had pizza for dinner and he pepperoni, ham and he also had some pancakes and ham and hamburgers and steak for dinner.

~Ashley tripped and fell and hurt her ankle and yesterday she healed it a little bit and it has an ace bandage on it and it will heal soon and she rests it a lot. She had toquitoes and macaroni and cheese for dinner last night and mom Susan made it for her and her ankle will heal and the swelling will go down and she just needs a little more sleep on it and rest. She might bowl a little bit today but not too much.

~Katrice worked at Chilis and she did one top full second box top full and her family Marissa and her 3 kids are coming to her house Tuesday and then Tif will come on Friday at 4:30 and John her brother and his 2 kids are coming too. She helped Tif her sister crack all the eggs and peel all the bananas for banana bread. Mom Glo is having her birthday and everyone is coming. 

~Stacy didn't take Bella for a walk because of the snow and the dog was a little ticked off at her her mom. So she went and had dinner at Good Wood and she had a baked potato and 6 lbs of butter and ranch and went shopping a little bit and then went home. 

~Kathy went and visited with the neighbors and then went home and had scrambled eggs and English muffin for dinner. She wrapped 20+ presents and delivered a couple then climbed in. 

~Beau and Blaire are on their way and Nate is at his dad Judge Bruce Lubeck's retirement party (congratulations again!!) and Linsey is not feeling her best.